Interracial Marriage

I was debating on whether or not to write this post   It’s something that I don’t think about on a daily basis, but has been brought up before.  While hanging out on Facebook yesterday I came across this video with the Mowry twins.  I usually don’t watch videos on Facebook, but I have always liked the Mowry twins so I wanted to see what it was about and this was the video:

After watching the video I myself was in tears.  I didn’t come from an interracial family, but I am in an interracial marriage.  When I chose to be with my husband it didn’t have anything to do with color.  He was just a man that I fell in love with.

After my husband and I were pregnant with our first child (Drama) my mother in law asked us if we knew what we were doing.  Of course I had no idea what she was talking about until she went on with bringing up a mixed child in this world.  She continued to ask if we were worried about what people were going to say about us and our children.  The answer to her questions were yes we knew what we were doing, and NO we hadn’t thought about what people might say about our children.


I always thought that our kids would grow up the same way we did.  I never had to deal with racism so why would I think that my kids would.  I never would have thought that kids in their school would call them names because their mom is black and their father is white.  I guess if we lived some where other than where we do now it might be a problem.  We live in a neighborhood where it seems being with the same race is out of the ordinary.  Many of my kids friends are mixed, and their cousins are mixed.  So, No I don’t worry about my kids at all.

I am very sad that Tamera is going through this, and that her son is even brought into the mix.  I hope that one day we all will be able to look past color and see people for who they really are.  Until that happens we have to manage and deal with the ignorance in the world.

How do you feel about interracial marriage?


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  1. I really like your thoughtful post on this topic. It’s still something that could be controversial, but your approach of telling your own story was authentic – it was easy to put myself in your shoes.

    I especially liked your observation toward the end, “I guess if we lived some where other than where we do now it might be a problem. We live in a neighborhood where it seems being with the same race is out of the ordinary.” It says so much about tolerance and being part of “what seems normal” in our society or culture. Congratulations on a great post!

    . . . and I really like the visual look of your home page. The header image (One Crazy Mom) is eye-catching and fun. It would be great to see more examples of your experience of “crazy life” – I’m sure readers will relate. Anyone who has had small children knows how busy it can get, and it’s always fun to read about someone else’s experience with it.

    Have you thought about writing more about the decision to start blogging and in particular, responding to The Daily Post challenges? I see you’re also doing the Zero To Hero Challenge (me, too) – what has been your most rewarding task in that challenge so far?

    For me, I am doing The Daily Post as a writing practice. I’ve been excited to connect with community through the Zero to Hero forums and tasks – that’s been rewarding. – Thanks!

    • Hi, Thank you for your input. I hadn’t thought about blogging about why I started to blog, and now that I think about it I just might do that. I just started both the daily blogs and the Zero to Hero. I started the daily post to get me into posting everyday, and to up my writing skills. I am very honored that you took the time to read my post. I tend to post things that are close to heart. There is so much going on and and I felt like I needed something that was just mine, so I started this blog. I never thought anyone would really read it, but I am glad that people are reading what I have to say. Thank You once again for taking the time to read my blog and I think I might take your advise and write why I am writing this blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

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