If I Had the Time to Write a Book


If I could find the time in the day to sit down and write a book, I believe it would be a steamy love story.  I only say this because I am into love stories.  I am the one who turns the TV to the sappy love story, sit there with my tissue and cry.  I believe I would title my book Loosing It All and Trying to Get it Back.

Drunk young girl

My book blurb would read:

This story is raw and gritty with all the ups and downs Mandy endured while dealing with the loss of her first Marriage, and trying to be a single parent in the fast City of Austin Texas.  Mandy tells of hitting rock bottom and having to lift herself back up to be present and available for her young child.  We are able to witness her return to faith in the church, and the night that she met the man that would change her life forever.

This Story is a must read for anyone who feels that life has become too much to handle.  It is an inspirational book that should be given to any woman in your life who has ventured down the wrong road. 

Ok, so it may not be the best blurb, but it is my blurb!

If you had time in your busy life to write a book, what would your blurb read?

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