26 Days

It is odd that a single number can mean so much to some.  Who would have ever thought that I would have something to write about the number 26.


For me, the number 26 come with sadness.  It was 26 days ago that my husband broke some bad news to me.  He informed me that all the plans that I had made for his Pre-Deployment Family Time Fun had to be put on hold.  It seems that the military has different plans for my husband and he isn’t going to be able to spend a lot of time with us before he is set to deploy.

With this news I was obviously sad, but not for me, for our kids.  See with each deployment each child gets a little older and with age comes the understanding of what is really going on.  I have yet to brake the news to my kids, since daddy is still here on the weekends so far.  My goal is just to keep them busy on the days and nights that he doesn’t come home and hope that the fall out isn’t severe.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the next 26 days will be full of laughter and fun, since I have redone our schedule and made some new plans.  We will keep very busy with projects and crafts and enjoy the time we get to spend with my husband before he has to deploy.

What role does the number 26 play in your life?

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