When I think about growing up as a child, there is one word that always comes to mind, Respect.  I have four kids, and when we are brave enough to venture out into the world together, I always get complemented on how well behaved my kids are, or asked how do I get them to sit still like that?  My answer is always “I don’t Know!”  This is a truthful answer for me.  Since the day my kids are born, they are taught respect.  I have been told many times that my kids are too young to understand what I am saying, but I don’t believe it.


So why am I writing about Respect?  I am trying to figure out when did it start being ok to stop saying “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am?”  Why are kids aloud to talk back to their parents?  When did parents decide that it was ok for your kid not to look at you when you are talking to them?  I don’t understand this hands off way of parenting.  I am not saying that it’s wrong, I am just saying I don’t understand.

Kids are looking for guidance.  Parents shouldn’t be afraid to discipline their child or teach them right from wrong.  Yes, sure it makes me sad when I have to discipline one of my kids, but I know that they will be better for it.  You come in after dark when you are suppose to be home, then you don’t get to play video games the next day.  Your grades drop due to talking to much and not doing your work, you can’t go any where for the next two weeks.  These may be harsh punishments, but it gets the point across.  With every age there is a proper punishment!

At this moment my poor baby Jr. is going through his terrible twos a little early.  That is ok because I have been through them three different times now, so I think I might have a handle on things.  Luckily all I have to do is give a Jr. a stern look with a deep NO, and the tears will come followed by an ever so cute I’m Sorry.

I can honestly say fear played a big part in why I behaved the way that I did.  I was scared of what may happen if I get caught, and the disappointment that would come along with it.  I can only pray that I am able to raise my kids the way that my parents raised me.  I pray that when it comes down to decision time and they have to choose a road, they choose the right one.  I hope they will always know that what ever road they do choose whether good or bad, that their father and I will always love them and will always be there for them.

This may not be a generational matter, but a matter between individual parents and their parenting styles.  I do know however, that this is one subject that I personally will never understand.

What do you understand least about the generation before or after you?

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