The Dr. Pepper Shirt!

This is what my red looks like…..

The Dr. Pepper shirt I wore when I was a little girl.  My mother kept it because they don’t make things like this anymore.  I had decided after having The Boy that I was going to take a pic of all my kids in this shirt.  Of course, when I need the pictures of The Boy and Drama, they are no where to be found.  I did however find the picture I took of Shy.  Then, I took of picture of Jr. to add to my collection.


Now, a pic of Shy wearing the shirt.


Today I was able to take a Pic of Jr. wearing the same shirt I wore when I was 3.

As soon as I gather all of my pictures of the kids, I will be able to put them on my wall.  I am honored to have all four of my kids wear the same shirt that I wore when I was 3.

What does your red look like?

This was written for the Daily Prompt


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