Good Neighbors, Bad Neighbors

When I met my husband and found out he was living in North Carolina, I knew right then and there that if this relationship was going to work, flying back and forth from Texas every other week wasn’t going to cut it.  I figured my husband felt the same way when he asked if I would ever consider moving to North Carolina.  Leaving Texas had never crossed my mind before. My family was there, why would I ever leave?

I knew that if I decided to move to North Carolina, I would be putting myself into his old life so to speak.  I would be moving into the house that he once shared with his ex, cooking on the stove that she once made him meals on, and parking in the spot where her car once parked.

What I didn’t take into account was having to deal with the neighbors that she had also left behind.  When the divorce got ugly, the ex decided to confide in the neighbors, and she began telling them some things that were true and some that were not.  Basically, I was the evil black woman who had swooped down and stole her precious white man.  I can tell you honestly, this was not the case.  I met my husband after they had already decided to separate.  I even tried to talk him into working things out, and not giving up on his marriage so quickly.  Anywho, it didn’t last and the divorce proceeded.

When I moved into my husbands home, I was very excited.  I was ready to begin my life with this awesome man who had swept me off my feet.  Slowly but surely, I began to notice the looks from the neighbors as I was moving all of my stuff in.  I would wave and no one would wave back.  I would smile and just get a look, like what did I think I was doing.  I finally asked my husband what had I done, and that is when he told me all the nasty details of what had been going on while I was living blissfully happy in Texas.

It wasn’t until our first daughter was born that the neighbors reached out and said hello.  I was shocked and surprised since all along they had been on the ex-wife’s side of things.  Then after Shy was born, it was like things had changed completely.  We were waving to each other as we were coming and going.  Words between the husbands were being exchanged during yard work.  It was like the past never happened.

It was kind of bitter sweet when it was time for us to move.  I was excited to be moving to a new neighborhood and starting over.  The people I have met since moving have been absolutely wonderful.  I have finally feel like I belong here in North Carolina with my husband and my children.

I have learned when starting your life over with someone new, jumping into their old life is hard and scary.  Just stick with it.  Anything worth having is worth working hard for!

What are some experiences you have had with neighbors?

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  1. Love the turn in the tide of events here. Great reminder to hang in. Really uplifting writing. Enjoyed this!


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