My #MNB Challenge Week 1 Recap

This month I decided to join the #MNBChallenge with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach.  This is an awesome challenge to join if your ready to get up and get moving.


This week of the challenge we focused on MOVE.

Here is how my first week on the challenge went……

Monday: Sweat It Out-Show us your favorite way to sweat!


As well as starting the #MNBChallenge, I also started the Planking Challenge as well.  For my Day 1  I was sweating it out, by getting my planks in for the day.

Tuesday: Change It UP- Sweat in a new way


This was an easy day for me. I already teach Zumba on Tuesday mornings and nights.  I absolutely love teaching my Zumba classes.  I get to help others keep their fitness goals as well as keep myself in shape.  I look horrible in these pics.  by the end of class I am so sweaty and tired, that taking a really good looking picture is not an option!

Wednesday: Let’s Plank – Plank for at least 5 minutes


I was also excited for this day.  Since I was already doing the plank challenge I was happy to do this one.  Instead of doing the regular plank, I decided to split my five minutes up.  Every minute I would do a different plank.  I would like to lie and say that this was easy, but anyone who has even attempted any plank challenge will tell you that easy it is no!

Thursday: Buddy Up!- Workout with a friend today!


Once again, this was easy for me. Since I teach Zumba classes on Thursday mornings and evenings, it wasn’t hard to workout with buddy’s today.  I am very blessed to be able to workout with such wonderful women both during the day and at night.

 Friday: Fave Friday – Show us your five fitness favorites, what ever gets you moving or motivated.


For this one, I chose my family.  They are my #1 motivation.  Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, and everything else runs on both my husbands and my side of the family.  It is so scary to think that it could all end so quickly.  After having my kids, I vowed that I would do everything in my power to keep them and myself healthy.  I want to end the cycle here.  If I can teach them good food choices when they are young, hopefully it will follow them as the grow older and they won’t have some of the health issues that their grandparents and uncle’s have.


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