Wishing On A Star!



If given the chance to make three wishes, what would I wish for?


The first thing I would wish for would be a great new pair of Mizuno Shoes!  You can never have to many shoes when your going out for a great run!


I would also ask for a treadmill that I could put in my covered porch. So that on days when I am unable to get out and run on the road, I can just run on the treadmill.

The last and final thing I would add to my list would be a Vitamix blender!  I have heard such wonderful things about this blender.  I believe it would be a wonderful addition to my home since we are getting deeper into our healthy lifestyle.  I can envision all the wonderful smoothies, and juices I would prepare for my kids every morning.

If you were given three wishes, what would you ask for?

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  1. Ha ha…love this. The vitamix blender is the best thing ever. Go for it!


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