Happy Valentines Day!!


Awe, it is Friday and Valentines Day.  Men all over the world are running to stores to hurry and grab those flowers and chocolates so they don’t go home to their loved ones with empty hands.  Because this is a holiday about love, I am not going to tell a story about a guy I once had a crush on many moons ago.  To be honest, if I were to go back in time and meet the guy now as the person I am today, I don’t think he would be the guy I would be crushing on.

I will instead tell you about my one true love.  The man who stole my heart and changed me forever.  My husband is not your typical man, or maybe he is.  I will let you be the decision of that.  Holidays like these tend to slip right by him.  I had to learn a long time ago not to expect flowers and chocolate and what nots on this holiday.  I have always known that just because he doesn’t give me a gift doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me, it just means its not his thing.  He is not a lovey dovey kind of guy.

He is the type of guy that when I say I am going to go crazy in this house when this baby (our last Jr.) is born, he listens and buys me a bigger house.  When he sees me working hard to get kids in and out of our car with carseats, he buys me a van to make my life a little easier.  He never buys me something that I don’t really need.  When I come to him with my latest adventure, he tells me to let him know what needs to be done and he will do it.  That is the kind of man I have.  He works from sun up to sun down on some days.  He deploys whenever the wind blows, and is always gone to some kind of training.  These are the things that my love does to make sure his family is taken care of.  To me that is the best Valentines gift I could receive.  He may not always be here, but I know he is thinking of me and his kids, when he sends a quick text in between classes or during lunch.

I have learned a lot while being married to my husband.  I have learned that it is the small things in life that I choose to hold on to, instead of the big things that may not mean as much.

So this Valentines day, I won’t talk about my old crush, but about the love of my life!

Who are you choosing to talk about his Valentines Day?

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  1. He sounds awesome! I wish you two many more years of happiness and love.

  2. Such a sweet guy. He deserves a flower this Valentine from you 🙂


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