My Dream Job

I learned from my mother that you are never to old to go after your dreams.  At the young age of 40, after retiring from the Army, my mother decided that she was ready to go back to school and get her degree in teaching.  That is exactly what she did.   From that day forward, I knew it was never to late to make your dream happen.

So what is my dream you are probably wondering.  Well, since I started back into my fitness craze, I found out this was where I belong.  I love helping others with their fitness goals.  I would love to one day open up my own gym.  Not like a big box chain type of gym, but a smaller intimate gym, where everyone feels comfortable.

For the past couple of years, I have been working towards my dream on a smaller scale.  I have received my Zumba and Personal Training Certifications.  My husband wants me to get certified in crossfit, which I think would be awesome.  I also want to get certified in some other fitness classes, so that when I do open my gym I will have a well rounded backing that I will be able to offer my clients a variety of services.

I have also been trying to decide if I want to try and open up a gym myself or do I want to jump on the band wagon and franchise.  The franchise option looks awesome.  The one I have been looking into offers a lot of help with selecting the right location, start up, and anything else that I might need along the way.  I just have to decide if that is a way I want to go.  Either way I am going to have to do a lot of research and a lot of work.  Lets not forget  all the money that it will cost just to get started!

Going after your dreams isn’t as easy as some would like you to believe.  Just remember just because it isn’t easy, doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible.  Sometimes, you have to go the long way around to get to your goal.  The important thing is that you never give up!  I don’t plan on ever giving up on what I want to do!


What is your ultimate job? What is your goal?  What is it that you love?

This was written for the Daily Prompt


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14 replies

  1. Great message. Congratulations on achieving so much so far.

  2. I completely relate to the desire to help people with their fitness goals. Fitness makes people feel better inside and out and it is so rewarding to experience the results personally AND see others thriving. Best wishes on continuing to make your dream come true 🙂


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